Prevention Genetics is a fully accredited Clinical DNA Testing Laboratory. The Mill Creek building is a combination of laboratories and offices. The new labs are used for routine testing as well as R&D.

The building includes a 140 seat auditorium for seminars and other employee meetings as continuing education is an essential part of Prevention Genetics business.

With the intent to create a facility that is more environmental friendly, Prevention Genetics decided to go with an energy efficient geothermal heating and cooling system.

To move forward with the geothermal portion of the project, MEP Associates, LLC (MEP) submitted an application into the Focus on Energy RECIP Incentive Program. Prevention Genetics successfully received the full incentive amount to cover 40 percent of the geothermal cost at approximately $83,000.

The completed geothermal system will utilize two 30-ton chiller CLW30 units and two 40-ton chiller CLW40 units. The heat recovery chillers will be connected to a horizontal (directional) bore field adjacent to the building. The bore field will consists of three interconnected sections containing 17 rows of double stacked bores at a length of 250 feet. A water/glycol mixture will be pumped through the bore field where thermal energy will either be extracted or deposited depending on the conditioning needs inside the building.

The earth surrounding the bore field will act as a large heat exchanger that will be used to maintain the temperature of the fluid leaving the field.

New Facility

50,000 SF

Completed 2014