The Menomonie Dialysis Center is a 12,000 SF freestanding building built to accommodate the growing need for dialysis services in Menomonie and the surrounding communities. The facility is able to accommodate 96 chronic patients in a two-patient shift per day environment and includes a convenient large canopy at the front entrance, which allows for easier patient drop-off and pick up. Energy efficient features were incorporated throughout with the use of natural light and a geothermal heating and cooling system.

The building uses a 30-ton vertical Geothermal Loop for the heating and cooling located underneath the onsite water retention areas. Compared to a traditional heating and cooling system, the geothermal system reduces overall energy use and costs by 40 percent annually, with a two-year payback. There is also a reverse osmosis water loop to feed all of the dialysis units being used in the facility.

New Facility

12,000 SF

Completed 2012


Annual Energy Use Reduction with the Geothermal System