Carleton College had completed a Facilities Master Plan which was focused on the campus buildings and land assets. The conclusions of the Facilities Master Plan resulted in a need to examine the existing campus infrastructure which will require modifications to support the desired growth and revitalization of the campus. The goal of the study was to develop a comprehensive and consistent approach to the integration of sustainable energy sources into the future of the campus. The sustainable energy options included a combination of CHP, geo-exchange, energy recovery, and heat recovery. The Campus Utilities Master Plan addressed the four major phases of the Facilities Master Plan.

The campus utilities that were addressed as part of the Campus Utilities Master Plan included high-pressure steam, chilled water, natural gas, electrical distribution, and domestic water. The production of these utilities included natural gas boilers, CHP, chillers, dry coolers, ground source heat pumps, solar thermal, solar photovoltaic panels, and hybrid systems. MEP also developed a potential sequencing for the integration of the recommended system direction with the Facilities Master Plan.

Geothermal Campus Conversion