The Education and Psychology Building is a state-of-the-art facility. This new building houses the education, psychology and communication departments, along with Community Based Learning. Central College achieved Platinum LEED certification by utilizing environmentally friendly building practices and energy efficient design.

Sustainable features incorporated into the Education and Psychology building design include:
  • Energy performance 44% more efficient than ASHRAE 90.1
  • Variable air volume demand based ventilation system
  • Energy recovery on the exhaust system
  • Low static pressure air valves and ducting design
  • Variable speed pumping systems
  • Collection of roof rain water for use to flush toilets, flush urinals, and feed water feature
  • Use of automatic lavatory faucets in the rest room
  • Radiant slab cooling and heating
  • Operable windows with natural ventilation
  • Enhanced ventilation design without sacrificing HVAC energy consumption
  • Daylight harvestingsystem
  • Classroom supply ducting used as a light shelf for the day lighting system
  • Enhanced chilled water temperature differential, loading to 20°F

New Academic & Laboratory Facility

58,000 SF

Completed 2009



Operating at