MEP Associates, LLC (MEP) provided professional engineering design services for Northland College's Dexter Library building renovations and geothermal bore field design.

The project included:
- 30 geothermal Bores extending 230 feet into the Earth producing plenty of heating/cooling and no carbon dioxide
- 14kW Photovoltaic Solar Array on the roof producing energy for the building
- 48 occupant light sensors saving energy and reducing electricity bills by turning lights off when not in use
-500 SF of new window area including a skylight increasing natural day-lighting and reducing the need of artificial lighting
- Increased roof insulation increasing energy efficiency
- Low-flow plumbing fixtures reducing the burden on municipal water supply and waste water systems

In addition, MEP provided fundamental commissioning services to verify the building's energy related systems were installed, calibrated, and performed according to project requirements, basis of design, and construction documents for LEED Gold certification for the remodeling of the Dexter Library.

Facility Addition and Renovation

25,000 SF

Completed 2008