A new high-tech learning facility at School of Nursing was designed to support a team-based, interprofessional learning, transforming nursing education for a changing health care environment.

Construction began in 2012 on the Healthy Communities Innovation Center (HCIC). The renovation of the entire 4th Floor of the Weaver-Densford Building, will transform a 25-year-old skills laboratory into a 21st century Healthy Communities Innovation Center and state-of-the-science learning environment. This Center will give students the opportunity practice skills they have learned in the classrooms.

The new Innovation Center consists of several nursing simulation areas that will be true to the environment they represent. Simulation areas include home environments, clinical, and hospital settings. There is an additional flexible simulation area that can be used for many different staged environments. All simulation areas have video and audio recording to create a unique learning environment. The Innovation Center also includes a large video interactive classroom that will link to other campuses to utilize resources.

Facility Renovation

10,300 SF

Completed 2013