MEP Associates, LLC (MEP) designed a new chiller plant with a cooling tower addition to serve nine buildings throughout the campus. This chiller plant consisted of three 800-ton centrifugal chillers, cooling towers, make-up air unit, exhaust fan, primary/secondary pumps, controls, three-way cooling coil valve replacement with two-way, and underground distribution piping. The existing physical plant required a two-story renovation and added building structure for support of new systems. Piping was replaced throughout the campus and extensive coordination with existing site utilities and infrastructure was required.

The project was completed with minimal disruption of campus activity. The total linear feet of trench for chilled water S&R piping totals 2,634 SF.

Replacement of chillers, cooling towers, chilled water pumps, and condenser water pumps were completed to accommodate the following Departments:
  • Applied Arts (285-OL-0019) (600 ton)
  • Communication Technology (285-OL-0046) (110 ton)
  • Home Economics (285-OL-0010) (418 ton)
  • Jarvis Hall (285-OL-0016) (535 ton)
  • Library Learning Center (285-OL-0012) (217 ton)
  • Micheels Hall (285-OL-0017) (served by chillers in Applied Arts and Jarvis Hall)
  • Central Heating Plant (285-OL-0036) (1,000 ton chiller)
  • Installation of an emergency air exhaust system, makeup air unit, refrigerant detection & alarm system, all necessary piping connections, valves, specialties, and piping insulation were completed.
  • Project work also includes asbestos abatement, removal and disposal of chillers, towers, related equipment, and piping in the individual building as required

Chiller Plant and Tower Replacement

12,000 SF

Completed May 2008