MEP Associates, LLC (MEP) was hired as a consultant to provide geothermal expertise on the new Cornell Tech campus being constructed on Roosevelt Island. The integrated design approach involves working directly with their Ph.D. students on the innovative design of the geothermal loop field system.

The First Academic Building at Cornell NYC Tech campus is designed to utilize a vertical borehole heat ex-changer fields for meeting the building heating and the cooling demands. The 150,000 SF building had a modeled peak load on the ground heat exchanger of 265 tons of cooling. The building had green space available to accommodate approximately only 80 Bores of 350 feet deep each. Pumping water from the annular spaces of the ground water-filled bores was found to have a desirable effect on the heating/cooling performance of the borehole heat exchangers, as the water was being constantly replenished by the fractures at the bottom of the field.

Based on field test results, it was estimated that this pumping might itself be able to provide about 20,000 BTU/Hr of cooling per bore resulting in a total peak load reduction of over 100 tons on the field. This eventually eliminates the operation of cooling towers during the time at which the building peak, at the expense of the minimal pumping cost associated with pumping water from the annulus.

Geothermal Feasibility Study & Design


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