Nicoma Park Elementary is one of two new schools in the Choctaw-Nicoma Park School District located in the east central Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Nicoma Park Elementary utilizes high-efficiency gas DX systems for heating and cooling. Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) pre-condition all incoming ventilation air by capturing energy from exhausted air and transferring it to incoming ventilation air, thereby reducing energy costs. The HVAC system is controlled by a building automation system which conserves energy through efficient scheduling and allows school maintenance staff to monitor the performance of the system.

Lighting systems were designed utilizing energy-efficient T5 classroom fixtures. These fixtures, coupled with occupancy and daylight sensors, reduce unnecessary lighting, and energy costs. Water-saving plumbing fixtures, utilizing sensor technology, were used throughout the building, providing improved efficiency and sanitation.

Design for the 21st Century School
The building design is a response to the administration's request for an open, day-lighted building with intimate, child-scaled teaching spaces. Public spaces are grand, open, and integrated with the outdoors through large expanses of glass. Each grade has its own 'neighborhood' containing the classrooms and central
common space for group activities and team-based learning. The 'neighborhoods' are all connected to the main corridor, which homes the offices, media center, cafeteria, and gymnasium.

New Educational Facility

66,000 SF Per Facility

Completed April 2011