After the completion of a district-wide facility assessment which documented the condition, age, and utilization of each district owned building, the school board asked the community to vote on two referendum questions addressing needs.

On April 2, 2013, both questions passed by a majority vote with Menomonie High School, River Heights Elementary, and Downsville Elementary schools receiving the most attention.

The addition to the Menomonie High School consists of a new gymnasium large enough to house two full-sized basketball courts or three full-sized volleyball courts, and a TechEd wing expansion connecting the current stand-alone TechED classrooms to the main building.

By relocating the gymnasium, its current location was opened up to create a centralized commons area. To the south of the commons, the kitchen was remodeled and expanded, and an arts wing was created by relocating the band, choir, and orchestra rooms. To the north of the commons area, the existing courtyard was filled in allowing for a new and expanded library space to help create an integrated academic wing.

To improve security at the front entry of the building, the main office was relocated to the space previously occupied by the library. A door off the vestibule into the office now directs all visitors to enter through the office, allowing the office staff to monitor visitors.

School District Additions & Renovations

Completed 2015