In November of 2010 the doors opened at Cascade Meadow Wetlands and Environmental Science Center. The facility featured a water to water heat pump system utilizing the pond as an energy sink. This system is the primary source of heating and cooling for the entire facility. From the onset, the owner experienced numerous operational issues and failures resulting in escalated maintenance and energy costs. The system was unreliable and required regular intervention to achieve adequate environmental conditions in the building. Cascade Meadow worked with the originally designed system for three years.

MEP Associates, LLC, (MEP) was commissioned to study the operation and provide recommendations and a course of action to address the issues. MEP provided design services for the required modification to the system configuration and controls allowing the water to water heat pumps to operate as required. Following the modification, the required system stability and energy performance was realized.

After system modifications, the energy consumption for the building dropped 30 percent on an annual basis.

Study & Design

Heat Pump Reconfiguration

Completed 2014