The San Francisco (SF) Shipyard, a former Navy base, anchors a wide development plan that incorporates the iconic Candlestick Park site into a mixed-use development of housing, office, retail and green space by FivePoint Holdings.

The Master Plan for the SF Shipyard development is conceived of an Eco-District where conventional utility infrastructure is being replaced with technology designed to enhance energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels, and recycle and reuse water. The Eco-District concept includes on-site distributed generation (solar PV), a geothermal-based district thermal energy loop to provide hot and chilled water, and a recycled water system.

MEP Associates, LLC, (MEP) was hired for its design expertise on the mechanical infrastructure of geothermal-based district thermal energy systems.

To meet the Eco-Districts Phase 1 heating and cooling needs, the design includes a hybrid open-loop water-sourced system, which directly utilizes San Francisco bay water as thermal energy source and sink, The main components of the system will include two Titanium heat exchangers with a seawater filtration system.

The Central Energy Plant design includes four 350-Ton screw chillers to provide simultaneous heating and cooling load and meet the 17,000 MBH peak heating load. Screw chillers are designed for a maximum of 130°F supply water temperature which can be used for the domestic water heating and space heating.

Proposed Utility Infrastructure:
  • Geothermal-Based District Thermal Energy Loop
  • On-site Distributed Generation (Solar PV)

Multi-Use Development

Eco-District Campus Design

400 Acres

In-Design - Phase 1


Reduced HVAC Energy Consumption