MEP is providing professional engineering design services to the Owner and Mechanical Contractor on one of the largest geothermal heating and cooling systems in the Nation. Our team works on-site directly with the Director of Facilities, Engineering, and Contractors team to provide analysis, support, and design for the existing campus mechanical systems, and future expansion.

Engineering Design Services included:
  • HVAC analysis and investigation for each of the existing campus buildings [six (6) 120,000 SF buildings, four (4) 170,000 SF buildings, and one (1) 750,000 SF auditorium/training facility]
  • Analysis of the existing GSHP capacity
  • Geothermal Heat Exchange design for a new 750,000 SF building with an approximately 2,000 ton system
  • Design of 35,700 linear feet of 36” supply-return piping infrastructure throughout the campus
  • Design of ten (10) Valve Vaults to isolate each building loop
  • Hydraulic Model of the entire piping system illustrating the flows and pressures throughout the piping system allowing analyses of pump and pipe sizing to ensure the system operates at peak efficiency
  • Design of new Matt Pond (1,296 Loops) and Well Field 4 (2,596 Bores)
  • Design of a new stand-alone Pump House facility
  • Six pumps designed to pump 60,000 gpm of Loop water around the campus to serve stand-alone heat pump chiller plants

Geothermal Campus

2,807,722 SF / 20+ Buildings

Completed Campus 2 & 3 2012, Farm Campus 2013, Campus 4 & 5 Anticipated Completion 2016

EPIC Deep Space - 2015 Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America - Grand Award Winner / Farm Campus - Best in Show
The Daily Reporter's Top Projects Award


'Our new facilities us less energy than our more traditional office buildings.' - Bob Brandherm, Facilities Director